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James, with Beaver and Steve

Link: Comic 200

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: where are they now?

Date: July 4, 2006

Summary: Like, it's the 200th comic. Duh.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, James, Security Gremlins, Shoe Goblin, Emotibot, Green Ninja, Mine Pixies (in dog food cans)

Onomatopoeias used: "LOOM", "DRAG!"

"Fin" style: Clay, left sock, and sausage links.

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

An arrow points to James, reading "James Turner, extremely talented creator of Beaver & Steve"
James: "Hello dear readers! Today marks another landmark in the legend of Beaver and Steve: the creation of my 200th strip!"
Steve: "Well, technically it's only 174 after you deduct all the guest strips..."
Beaver: "Shh! Steve, no!"

Panel 2

The Security Gremlins - pointed out by an arrow - LOOM over Steve.
Steve: "And out of those, another eight were only ... oh."

Panel 3

Steve is being hauled away by the Security Gremlins.
Steve: "You can't suppress the truth!"
James: "To celebrate this auspicious occasion, let's take a moment to catch up with a few of the characters from the early days of the comic..."

Panel 4

[The Shoe Goblin: Became addicted to Odor-Eaters. Currently shoeless]
The Shoe Goblin is sitting on the street, with a sign next to him reading "Will work for flip-flops"

Panel 5

[Emotibot: Got jammed on 'Peppy']
Emotibot: "Oh the unbearable joy of existence!"

Panel 6

[Green Ninja: Turned out to be a closet pirate]
Green Ninja: "I prefer to describe myself as 'bi-curious'"

Panel 7

[The Mine Pixies: Just weren't funny, found alternate employment]
The Mine Pixies are shown in cans of dog food.

Panel 8

James: "Well, that's it for today. Here's to another 100 episodes of my comic: 'The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver'."
Beaver: "Does this mean I get my own bed?"
James: "No."

Fun Facts

  • This is the 200th comic, including guest and filler strips.
  • Even though it is the 200th comic, James still failed to have it completed on time.
  • The Shoe Goblin is wearing shoes, despite being allegedly 'shoeless'.


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