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The Goblinean cruiser fires.

Link: Comic 199

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: GUEST STRIP! The Pandarian Encounter 2 by Justas

Date: July 3, 2006

Summary: The crew of the USS Stevenprise faces its greatest foe.

Cast: Beavock, Steve, Botemota, Goblinean commander

Onomatopoeias used: "DE-CLOAK!", "ZA-PEW!", "KER-POSH!", "SHOE!", "KRASH!", "EXPEL!"

"Fin" style: Like it's being transported.

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

The Goblinean cruiser DE-CLOAK!'s.

Panel 2

The Goblinean cruiser ZA-PEW!'s and KER-POSH!'s the fruiton torpedoes.

Panel 3

Steve: "What's going on, Botemota?"
Botemota: "The Goblinean cruiser destroyed our torpedoes and has now locked on to us!"

Panel 4

The Goblinean cruiser SHOE!'s shoes at the Stevenprise.

Panel 5

The shoes KRASH! is felt on the Bridge.

Panel 6

Botemota: "Heavy footprints on decks 18-22, sir!"

Panel 7

Goblinean commander: "You have violated the neutral zone! We have no choice but to declar war on you, after 7 millenia of blissful peace!"

Panel 8

Beavock: "See, captain? Now our entire galaxy will be destroyed because you didn't do as I told!"

Panel 9

Beavock and Steve stand in front of a button.

Panel 10

Beavock is EXPEL!'d from the Stevenprise.

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