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'''Title:''' GUEST STRIP! By Julie Keene
'''Title:''' GUEST STRIP! By Julie Keene
'''Date:''' June 26, 2006
'''Date:''' [[June]] 26, 2006
'''Summary:''' Beaver and Steve see the yeti.
'''Summary:''' Beaver and Steve see the yeti.

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The yeti.

Link: Comic 196

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: GUEST STRIP! By Julie Keene

Date: June 26, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve see the yeti.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Yeti

Onomatopoeias used: None

Number of panels: 4


Panel 1

Beaver: "Ah a yeti!"
Steve: "That's not a yeti."

Panel 2

Steve: "He's just some guy with no friends."

Panel 3

The yeti is shown gasping.

Panel 4

The yeti crosses "Beaver and Steve" off of its "Future friends" list.

Fun Facts

The names on the Yeti's list of "Future Friends" are as follows:
1. Shelley Winters (Surrounded by hearts)
2. The White Ninja (The main character of another web comic)
3. Beaver and Steve
4. Space Duck? (An affliate of Okay Pants)
5. Lance Bass of N Sync
6. A name ending in "nstein" (Einstein and Frankenstein have been suggested, though the length of the paper seems to make the latter unlikely)



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