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'''Title:''' GUEST STRIP! by John Allison
'''Title:''' GUEST STRIP! by John Allison
'''Date:''' June 23, 2006
'''Date:''' [[June]] 23, 2006
'''Summary:''' Steve brings an "old friend" to a barbecue.
'''Summary:''' Steve brings an "old friend" to a barbecue.

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Beaver wonders who Steve's "old friend" is.

Link: Comic 195

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: GUEST STRIP! by John Allison

Date: June 23, 2006

Summary: Steve brings an "old friend" to a barbecue.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Des

Onomatopoeias used: None.

Number of panels: 5


Panel 1

Beaver runs into a room carrying two bags.
Beaver: "Steve, I've got the meat and the charcoal, let's Bar-B-Q!"
Beaver: "Who's your friend?"
Steve: "This is... Des. He's an old friend from school. Just visiting, like."
Des: "Yeh, hi. Hi."

Panel 2

Beaver talks to himself as he prepares the barbecue.
Beaver: "I don't like the look of this fellow! Could Steve be in trouble?"

Panel 3

Beaver, wondering who Des is, does not notice the flames leaping from the barbecue behind him.
Beaver: "Is he a loan shark? Or a bookie? Maybe a hitman! Or a prison escapee!"
Beaver: "Poor Steve!"

Panel 4

The house is now engulfed in flames.
Beaver: "I should help him, he's my friend! But I'm afraid of career criminals!"

Panel 5

Des is wearing a fireman's cap and spraying the fire with a hose.
Beaver: "Why did you invite an undercover fireman to our barbecue?"
Steve: "'Matches matches, never touch, they can hurt you very much.'"

Fun Facts

  • The plastic bag Beaver is carrying in the first frame, which presumably holds meat, seems to be filled with tentacles.



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