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==Fun Facts==
==Fun Facts==
*"Oh the unimaginable PAIN!" is a line from the [[Comic 1|first comic]].  It also occurs in [[Comic 19]] and [[Comic 250]].
*"[[Oh the unimaginable PAIN!]]" is repeated throughout the series.
*A single grain of salt weighs 58.5 milligrams. There are 427,350 grains in 25 grams.<br />
*A single grain of salt weighs 58.5 milligrams. There are 427,350 grains in 25 grams.<br />
*We never find out exactly <i>what</i> Steve bakes.<br />
*We never find out exactly <i>what</i> Steve bakes.<br />

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Clyde arrives.

Link: Comic 189

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: baking up trouble - part 7

Date: June 12, 2006

Summary: Steve must create a quiche of damnation for the Daemon he created.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Clyde, Daemon

Onomatopoeias used: "STOMP", "TIK", "FLOOMPF", "RIING"

"Fin" style: Slices of pizza

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Steve is reading from a cookbook.
Steve: "Don't worry Beaver, I'll have this baked before you can say 'Denatured Albumen'! Now, let's see...25g of salt..."
Beaver is taking a heavy beating from the monster.
Beaver: "Oh the unimaginable PAIN!"
Steve: "Well, if I estimate that a single grain of salt weighs 58.5 mg, all I have to do is count out 427,350 grains..1...2...3...4..."

Panel 2

Steve is still counting.
Steve: "426,869...426,870...426,871..."
Beaver is getting stomped on.
Beaver: "My suffering is as deep as the ocean!"
Steve: "...426,871...wait did I count that one already? Oh well, I'd better start again...1...2...3..."

Panel 3

Beaver looks as if he has taken a few blows to his body. A tooth pops out of his mouth, and he falls to the floor with a FLOOMPF.
Beaver: "GOOOF! I'm not sure I can last much longer Steve...Are you almost finished?"
The timer is TIKing.
Steve: "Don't worry Beaver, it's in the oven now-just one more minute to go!"

Panel 4

Beaver: "That's great Steve, I...wait...why are you holding the Daemonic Summonation book?"
Beaver: "Well, I don't really like quiche..."
The timer keeps TIKing.

Panel 5

The timer RIINGs.
All of a sudden, a gigantic monster pops out of the oven, with seven mouths, four tentacles and one eye. Beaver and Steve are awestruck.
Clyde: "FREE AT LAST!"
Daemon: "Hey Clyde! Glad you could come!"
Steve: "Um...what do we do now...?"

Panel 6

Clyde and the Daemon are sitting in the kitchen, peering at Beaver and Steve, unable to cross the threshold because of the calendar. Beaver is on the phone, presumably with the pizza place.
Beaver: "Yes, two Hawaiian pizzas, to be delivered..."
Steve: "Don't forget the chillies!"
Daemon: "And anchovies!"
Steve: "...or the anchovies."

Fun Facts

  • "Oh the unimaginable PAIN!" is repeated throughout the series.
  • A single grain of salt weighs 58.5 milligrams. There are 427,350 grains in 25 grams.
  • We never find out exactly what Steve bakes.
  • They left the calendar on May, just for safekeeping.
  • The scene where Beaver is being tormented by a magical creature whilst Steve stands by calmly, occupied with something else, is a reversal from a similar scene in Comic 187 where Steve was the tormentee. Mere coincidence or Steve's subtle, sadistic revenge?


  • "Denatured albumen" is the scientific term for "cooked eggwhite." One is forced to wonder, what, if NOT quiche, Steve is making, though he doesn't specifically say he is using eggwhites in his recipe.
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