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For Daemons, consult the ARCHAEOPTERYX!

Link: Comic 185

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: baking up trouble - part 3

Date: May 29, 2006

Summary: Beaver reveals his idea on how to get rid of the demon...

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Daemon

Onomatopoeias used: "RASP!", "TURN", "PAF!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Steve is RASP!-berrying the Daemon.
Beaver: "Steve, don't taunt the manifestation of evil."

Panel 2

The Daemon TURNs.
Steve: "Ha! It seems someone is powerless in the face of the awesome might of my raspberries!"
Steve: "Wait... Where's he going?"
Beaver: "It loks like he's heading for..."
Beaver: "...The biscuit tin..."

Panel 3

Steve: "What? What's he doing??"
Beaver: "He's taking out a bourbon.... Breaking it open..."
Steve covers his eyes.
Steve: "I can't look!"
Beaver: "...He's licking out the delicious chocolatey cream filling..."

Panel 4

Beaver looks startled.
Beaver: "And now he's... He's... Oh, the horror!"
Beaver: "He's putting it back in the tin!"
Steve PAF!s his right fist into his left palm, and anger lines are above his head.
Steve (yelling): "HE MUST BE STOPPED"

Panel 5

Steve looks as though he's threatening somebody.
Steve: "But how?"
Beaver is doing his ever so famous pondering finger on the chin.
Beaver: "I don't know Steve..."
Beaver: "But I know someone who might..."
Steve: "Who? Quickly - We cannot stand by and allow more innocent biscuits to suffer!"

Panel 6

Beaver poses like he has a brilliant idea.
Beaver: "Then we must go and consult... The ARCHAEOPTERYX!"
Steve looks behind him, probably into the kitchen.
Steve: "Um, you know, now that I think about it I don't even like bourbons..."

Fun Facts

  • If the calendar is shown in the next strip, it will be interesting to see if Beaver and/or Steve will have bothered to change months while thinking of what to do about the monster. Stay tuned to find out!


  • The Archaeopteryx is the earliest and most primitive known bird.
  • The bourbon referred to in this strip is the British Bourbon biscuit, as opposed to the American Bourbon whiskey, both of which are named after the same French royal family.
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