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scaffolding firm protection measures: a wall or pole

   Around buildings along the first extension of the construction should be the last coincidence in the first elevation. Pole erected, there should be temporary or bracing Rachel protection, not a separate operation, causing scaffolding collapsed wounding. 
   The first step is completed, should also complete the joists laid. Joists in the inside and outside the large bar placed equidistant from the middle two, and the small bar firmly. At the same time laying the bamboo fence. Bamboo fence should be sufficient overlap, and were single with 18 # wire tied in a large double loop on the bar. 
   After completion of the second high scaffolding to carry out even the wall bar connections. Connection should be carefully corrected until after the fixed vertical pole. Step 2 from Step Up, about three-span, set the pull contacts. 
   After carrying out a wall or pole connectors, while the outside pole and oblique rod fixed, removal of temporary pole pieces and oblique Rachel. After the slash, and even with the scaffolding construction of the wall rod incremental synchronization. 
   Scaffolding in order to ensure uniform forces per pole, pole and small bar should be symmetric setting. 
   After two-step height, according to a high place provides protection should be located inside the railings outside the pole and stop foot lever measures. Optional 4500mm pole specifications protective railings, steps away from the surface of 1000mm height, with a right-angle fastener fastening, lashing wire is not allowed 
   then at work, including scaffolding diagonals then take a long length and pole, with two operations must not allow a separate operation, or easily cause accidents. 

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