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Potato Whale and Sausage Squid Fighting

Link: Comic 180

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: 20,000 leeks under the sea - part 3

Date: May 12, 2006

Summary: Tasty creatures of the depth do battle

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Potato Whale, Sausage Squid

Onomatopoeias used: "GLOWER!", "SQUIRT!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

[Combining the enormous size and strength of the whale...]
Potato Whale GLOWER!'s
[...With the natural courage and tenacity of the potato the Potato Whale is truly the Ruler of the Deep...]

Panel 2

[But even this mighty creature is not without rivals...]
Squid shadow in background
[Another shadow looms out of the darkness. It is the Potato Whale's mortal enemy...]

Panel 3

[The Sausage Squid!]
Sausage Squid and Potato Whale see each other
[Brace yourself gentle reader, for we are about to witness one of nature's greatest conflicts: The Battle between sausage and potato!]

Panel 4

[The Squid strikes first, attacking with its secret weapon...]
The Squid SQUIRT!'s a cloud of gravy on the Potato Whale
[A jet of blinding onion gravy!]

Panel 5

[As the savoury cloud clears these mighty leviathans of the deep lock in a titanic, yet tasty struggle...]
Potato Whale locks its jaws around the Sausage squid whilst it ensnares the whale with its tentacles

Panel 6

[Blinded by rage, the two colossi spiral uncontrollable toward the surface, woe betide any creature in the path of this unstoppable melee]
Beaver: "Look, Steve, can't we talk about..."
Steve: "..Wait..Can you smell gravy?..."
Whale and squid fight, beneath the raft holding the turnip and Beaver and Steve

Fun Facts

  • Sea creatures come from more than one food group.
  • Sausage Squids squirt out onion gravy.
  • The Potato Whale combines the best qualities of a whale and a potato.
  • Sausage Squids and Potato Whales are mortal enemies.
  • The Sausage Squids tenticales are made out of strings of sausages (which are very hard to draw) - the number of sausages in the tentacles also varies from panel to panel.
  • A early predecessor of the Lobster-bee appears in panel one
  • Some sealife wearing hats can be seen in Panels 1 and 4 (which is the day's theme).



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