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Democracy at work

Link: Comic 179

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: 20,000 leeks under the sea - part 2

Date: April 17, 2006

Summary: Of poor voter turn-out, cannibalism and whales.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Timmy the Turnip, Potato Whale

Onomatopoeias used: "KICK!", "LOOM!", "SWOOOSH!", "FORESHADOW!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver, Steve and Timmy are still afloat on the open sea.
Steve: "After carefully counting and re-counting the votes, the results are now in..."
The text "CROSSED TURNIP FINGERS" points at Timmy's hand.
Timmy: "Come on, come oooon..."

Panel 2

Steve: "It was a disappointing 33% turn-out at the polls, but the result is unanimous: We have to kill and eat Beaver."
Timmy KICK!ing
Timmy: "What?? I bet HE doesn't contain 135 mg of Potassium!"

Panel 3

Steve approaches Beaver with knife and fork ready.
Beaver: "Oh well, I guess you can't argue with Democracy!..."

Panel 4

[Meanwhile in the depths below, a huge shadow stirs...]
A great whale-like shadow LOOM!ing.

Panel 5

[It is nature's most majestic creation: Tuberosum Macrocephalus]
(the shadow's tail SWOOOSH!ing)
[Also known as...]

Panel 6

[The Potato Whale!]
The whale's potato-like appearance is revealed as it moves FORESHADOW!-ingly.

Fun Facts

  • Steve not only carries ballot papers and pens, but also a knife and fork.
  • Turnips have 135 mg of Potassium ("per 100g serving of course." - James Turner)
  • Even at sea, voter turnout is horrible.
  • In Latin, "Tuberosum" means potato and "Macrocephalus" means whale, so the name is actually quite correct.
  • The other ballots are in the water, as shown in the second panel, behind Steve.



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