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'''Title:''' 20,000 leeks under the sea - part 1
'''Title:''' 20,000 leeks under the sea - part 1
'''Date:''' May 5, 2006
'''Date:''' [[May]] 5, 2006
'''Summary:''' Even stranded at sea, democracy strikes...
'''Summary:''' Even stranded at sea, democracy strikes...
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'''Cast:''' [[Beaver]], [[Steve]], [[Timmy the Turnip]], [[Potato Whale|Sea Monster]]
'''Cast:''' [[Beaver]], [[Steve]], [[Timmy the Turnip]], [[Potato Whale|Sea Monster]]
'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' "[[PANIC|PANIC!]]," "[[HMM...]]"
'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' "[[PANIC|PANIC!]]," "[[HMM]]"
'''Number of panels:''' 7
'''Number of panels:''' 7

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Democracy strikes!

Link: Comic 178

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: 20,000 leeks under the sea - part 1

Date: May 5, 2006

Summary: Even stranded at sea, democracy strikes...

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Timmy the Turnip, Sea Monster

Onomatopoeias used: "PANIC!," "HMM"

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Beaver, Steve and Timmy are floating on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean.

Panel 2

Beaver: (PANIC!-ing) "I can't take it! We've been drifting out here for weeks! if we don't get food soon we are all going to die!"
Steve: "In that case Beaver, I'm afraid there's only one thing for it..."

Panel 3

Steve: "... one of us is going to have to be... brunch!"
Timmy: "Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!"

Panel 4

Steve: "Obviously the only fair way to choose is by secret ballot."
Beaver: "But if the Turnip wants to be eaten..."
Steve: "Oh sorry Beaver, I didn't realize that you hated democracy..."
Timmy: "I-I'm a rich source of vitamin C..."

Panel 5

Steve pulls papers and pens from nowhere and begins to hand them out.
Beaver: "Sigh... okay... wait - you had ballot papers with you all along?"
Steve: "Democracy can strike at any time."
Timmy: "Hmmmm"

Panel 6

[Meanwhile, 20,000 leagues below...]

Panel 7

The eye of a mysterious gigantic sea creature is shown.
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts

  • Beavers, lizards, and turnips can grow facial stubble.
  • Steve carries ballot papers and pencils with him all the time.
  • Both this arc and the You can't Hanzel the truth! arc suggest that Steve has fantasies about eating Beaver.


  • This episode's setting is fairly similar to that of Comic 39. Both Beaver and Steve also had a stubble back then.
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