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Your eBay account!

Link: Comic 175

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: You've got mail - part 2

Date: April 24, 2006

Summary: Beaver defeats the virus with his Norton Antivirus Talisman.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Spam Phantoms, Satan

Onomatopoeias used: "REACH!", "WARD!", "SIZZLE!", "WAG!", "PING!"

"Fin" style: As PS in Steve's email to Satan

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver looks at the possessed computer which has skulls coming out of it.
Beaver: "Hmm - This is a little far off-canon for my tastes"
Spam Phantom: "WOE"
Spam Phantom: "MISERY"
Spam Phantom: "DESPAIR"

Panel 2

Beaver: "Wait a minute... Steve, did you open an email attachment?'
Steve: (indicating a small amount) "Only a little one."

Panel 3

Beaver opens a mysterious wooden box.
Beaver: "Well, not to worry, I have just the thing for this sort of situation."
Steve: "You might want to hurry up a bit Beaver..."
Spam Phantom: (REACH!ing out of the monitor) "Ssssssss... Your eBay account has been suspended...."
Beaver: "Ah! Here it is!"

Panel 4

Beaver holds up the talisman, and WARD!s off the virus, which SIZZLE!s.
Beaver: "The Norton Antivirus talisman of warding!"
Spam Phantom: "SKREEE!"

Panel 5

Beaver WAG!s his finger at Steve.
Beaver: "Well Steve, I hope you realise now, emails are like jam sandwiches: delicious, but full of hidden danger."
Steve: "Don't worry Beaver, I've learnt my lesson!"

Panel 6

[10 Minutes later, in Hell]
Satan (Stan) sits at his computer which PING!'s.
A received e-mail reads:

Dear Stan,
Thank you for letting me know about my
lottery win! Please find attached my
eternal soul as requested as proof of
my ID. Can't wait to get my winnings!
        Yours sincerely,    STEVE
                                  P.S fin

Fun Facts

  • Satan has an 'AOhell' account which has been cleverly disguised by leaving out the first A from his name, leaving a regular Stan.
  • Steve's e-mail address is shown to be on the domain, which breaks the fourth wall (but fortunately not the fifth) as the name "erudite baboon" is the creator James Turner's nickname on the internet, and the aforementioned domain has been registered by him.
  • This comic was slightly late and for the first day, a temporary filler was used.
  • James uses a Dell.
  • Satan has both a small potted cactus, and a coffee mug which reads 'I'm the boss' on it with him, the former being on top of the moniter.


  • In case you're very lucky and haven't experienced great volumes of Spam, "Your eBay account has been suspended" is a common form of e-mail phishing and "online pharmacy" is most likely one of the two most common types of forum spam, next to "poker casino". Or was it "online casino" and "poker pharmacy"?
  • Furthermore, Satan seems to have successfully tricked Steve into another common online menace known as Lottery scam.
  • The 666 in Satan's e-mail address is known as the Number of the Beast.
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