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Steve: "Hmm... looks like I've got a computer virus..."<br />
Steve: "Hmm... looks like I've got a computer virus..."<br />
The computer starts OOZE!ing grom the back.
The computer starts OOZEing from the back.
======Panel 4======
======Panel 4======

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Beaver opens a door into the phantom realm

Link: Comic 174

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: you've got mail - part 1

Date: April 21, 2006

Summary: Steve unleashes the computer ghosts.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Spam Phantoms

Onomatopoeias used: "CLIK!", "RRRRR!", "OOZE...", "GROPE!", "REACH!", "CLAW!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Steve's using a computer and CLICK!s.
Steve: "Oh boy! Someone sent me an email!"
Steve: "And it has an attachment too - this must be my lucky day! I'll just open it up..."

Panel 2

The computer shakes menacingly with a RRRRR!

Panel 3

Steve: "Hmm... looks like I've got a computer virus..."
The computer starts OOZEing from the back.

Panel 4

Ghosts start coming out of the screen.
Steve: "Oh no! The virus opened a portal into the phantom realm!"
Ghost 1: "Wooooooah..."
Ghost 2: "V111AAAGRAA..."
Steve: "Beaver is going to be so cross!"

Panel 5

Beaver comes along.
Beaver: "Hey Steve, can I use the computer for a bit?"
Steve: "Uh, no, I'm using it to, um... write my Harry Potter/Star Wars cross-over fanfiction..."
The ghosts GROPE!, CLAW! and REACH! on Steve.
Ghost: "Freee usss..."

Panel 6

Beaver: "Oh! You write that too? You must let me read it!"
Beaver: "I just knew I couldn't be the only one to see Harry's potential as a Jedi!"
[To be cont'd]

Fun Facts

"I can't believe no one saw this before:
Slitherin = Sith
Gryffindor = Jedis
Hufflepuff = Ewoks
Raven Claw = uh, Han Solo or something."

Brent: Dude, Ravenclaw is the Rebel Alliance
eruditebaboon: Of course! And Dumbledore is just Yoda with better sentence construction.


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