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Beaver and Steve check out from the hotel

Link: Comic 171

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Beaver and Steve go on holiday - part 9

Date: April 10, 2006

Summary: Beaver & Steve finaly comes home from their vacation

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Moustache Guy, Pixies, Hotel, Gremlins, Pigeon Plane, Customs Men, Drug Duck

Onomatopoeias used: "RUB", "FLAPP"

"Fin" style: Written with pink smiling letters

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

(Next morning...)
Beaver & Steve lie in the bedroom looking tired.
Pixie: "Rise and shine everybody! It's time to check out! TEE HEE!"
Beaver: "OK, Just give us a few minutes to..."

Panel 2

Hotel spits out Beaver & Steve, closing its eyes and sticking out its tongue.
A pixie is being chased by gremlins.
Hotel: "Blerrk! Please come again!"

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve sit on the pigeon plane, and beneath it, some pixies are being taken to stink mines.
Beaver: "You know, I've really enjoyed this holiday. I think it's wonderful that pixie land hasn't been spoilt by tourists."
Steve: "Are you going to finish those peanuts?"

Panel 4

Beaver & Steve are going to customs where a worker stands with a drug duck.
Steve is holding a yellow Duty Free bag.
Beaver: "Well, it was good to get away, but it's still nice to be back home..."

Panel 5

When Steve passes the Customs toll, the duck begins to wak!
Duck: "WAK! WAK! WAK!"
Customs Man: "Excuse me sir, may I take a look in that bag?"

Panel 6

The bag lies on a table, and the Customs Man holds a Pouch of Pixie Dandruff (or dust, if you want)
A guard stands behind Steve.
Customs Man: "Just as I suspected: Pixie dust."
Steve: "I-I've no idea how that got there.."
Customs Man: "Tell it to the judge! Take him away!"
Pink smiling fin-letters: "That's it! TEE HEE!"

Fun Facts

  • Gremlins are not interested in sending Steve & Beaver to the stink mines.
  • Apparently, pixie dust is an illegal item to bring over to other countries.
  • Ducks are used to find illegal pixie dust by customs officials.
  • When people leave from Pixiehotels, they are spat out.
  • Steve also had the jam-cap in his bag (poooooor jam bottle. :( alone...).
  • Steve did NOT like the 3 AM song, therefore he now doesn't stay in his own room, but shares it with Beaver.


  • Moustache Guy makes his 8th appearance, this time as a customs official
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