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The bus driver needs to collect some more pixie dust.

Link: Comic 169

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Beaver and Steve go on holiday - part 7

Date: April 3, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve start off to the museum. Pixie dust's origin is revealed.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Museum Bus, Bus Driver

Onomatopoeias used: "WUNCH!", "COMB!", "FLAKE!"

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are seated in the museum bus.
Beaver: Oh boy, I can't wait to get to the Pixie Land museum!
Steve: Please stop summarising the plot.

Panel 2

Bus Driver: Everybody ready? Let's go!
Museum Bus: Yay!

Panel 3

The bus takes off.
Bus Driver: Tee hee!
Museum Bus: Awaaaay!

Panel 4

The bus crashes down with a WONCH.
Museum Bus: Urgh! Out..of..juice!

Panel 5

The bus driver has a black eye from the crash.
Bus Driver: Sorry about that folks! Looks like we're out of pixie dust - I'll just step outside and get some...

Panel 6

Steve: Where do you think pixie dust comes from Beaver?
Beaver: One thin's for sure: its source is as mysterious as it is magical...
The driver looks about for onlookers.

Panel 7

The bus driver makes sure no one is looking.

Panel 8

Then he COMBs his hair to collect the magical dust.

Fun Facts

  • Pixie dust comes from pixies.
  • Buses in pixie land fly with the power of pixie dust.
  • With enough damage, pixie skin turns purple.



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