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Link: Comic 168

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Beaver and Steve go on holiday - part 6

Date: March 31, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve are eating breakfeast while they plan what to use the day to.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Bed-duvet, Bed-poles, Bed-Plate, Closet, Lamp-bottom, Lamp-Screen, Jam, Knife, Bread,

Onomatopoeias used: "TEE", "HEE", "SLOPP,"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

(Next morning)
Beaver & Steve sits by a table with various breakfeast items.
Beaver: "Morning Steve! Did you get a good night's sleep?"
Steve: "Not really..."

Panel 2

Steve lies in a bedrom, surrounded with an alive closet, bed items and a lamp,
Closet: "Are you asleep yet?"
Lamp" :Sleeping is fun!"
Bed Duvet: "I know! Let's all sing the 3 AM song!..."

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve sits by the breakfeast table, Beaver holding a guide book, Steve is Spreading jam on a bread.
Beaver: "Oh well, as long as we're here we may as well see the local attractions"
Bread with jam: "Tee hee! that tickles!"
Knife: "I love to spread"
Jam-Bottle: "Giggle! And don't forget to put my lid back on when you're done!"

Panel 4

Beaver has laid down the book.
Beaver: "Oh! look-There's a bus from this hotel that goes to pixie land museum. That should be interesting..."
Steve: "Museum? BORING!"
Bread With jam: "WEE!"
Jam-bottle: "Heh HEh... Seriously tought. Don't forget the lid...."

Panel 5

Beaver holds the book up again.
Beaver: "Well let's see what else there is... oooh, this sounds good: 'The pixie land happy-fun festival of fun and happiness!"
Beaver: "Shall we go to that Steve?..."

Panel 6

Beaver laid the book down.
And Steve runs towards the museum bus
Beaver: "Steve....?"
Bread with jam: "Hee Hee Heeeee"
Knife: "Spread Spread"
Jam-Bottle: "He... He took my lid... Why? SOB! Why??"
(to be contd)

Fun Facts

Steve doesn't lik museums, but he like museums more than Pixie Land Happy fun festivals

The museum bus is very small

The knife loves to spread jam over bread.

The bread steve eats(and jam) is alive.

The museum bus is outside just in the moment steve leaves.



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