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Steve appears to be having some difficulties falling asleep...

Link: Comic 168

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Beaver and Steve go on holiday - part 6

Date: March 31, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve are eating breakfast while planning what to do next.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Bed-duvet, Bed-poles, Bed-Plate, Closet, Lamp-bottom, Lamp-Screen, Jam, Knife, Bread

Onomatopoeias used: "SLOPP"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

(Next morning)
Beaver and Steve are sitting at a table with various breakfast items.
Beaver: "Morning Steve! Did you get a good night's sleep?"
Steve: "Not really..."

Panel 2

A flashback of Steve lying awake in his bedroom at the night, surrounded by a living closet, bed items and a lamp.
Closet: "Are you asleep yet?"
Bed post 1: Tee Hee.
Bed post 2: Tee Hee.
Lamp: "Sleeping is fun!"
Bed Duvet: "I know! Let's all sing the 3 AM song!..."

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve sit by the breakfast table, Beaver is holding a guide book and Steve is spreading jam on a slice of bread.
Beaver: "Oh well, as long as we're here, we may as well see the local attractions"
Bread with jam: "Tee hee! That tickles!"
Knife: "I love to spread!"
Jam-Bottle: "Giggle! And don't forget to put my lid back on when you're done!"

Panel 4

Steve waves the knife with a SLOPP. Beaver has laid down the book.
Beaver: "Oh look - there's a bus from this hotel that goes to pixie land museum. That should be interesting..."
Steve: "Museum? BORING."
Bread with jam: "WEE!"
Jam-bottle: "Heh heh... Seriously though. Don't forget the lid..."

Panel 5

Beaver holds the book up again.
Beaver: "Well let's see what else there is... ooh, this sounds good: 'The pixie land happy-fun festival of fun and happiness!"
Beaver: "Shall we go to that Steve?..."

Panel 6

Beaver has laid the book down again.
Steve is outside, running towards the museum bus with the jam lid in his hand.
Beaver: "Steve...?"
Bread with jam: "Hee Hee Heeeee..."
Knife spreading jam on the table: "Spread! Spread!!"
Jam-Bottle: "He... He took my lid... Why? SOB! Why??"
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts

  • A bed has 3 heads (4 if you count the blanket)
  • Jam-bottles hate having their lids removed.
  • Bread enjoys being spread with jam and apprantly also doesn't mind having bites taken from them.
  • Knives seem to be the only magical living objects in pixie land that can move all by themselves.



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