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Link: Comic 166

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Beaver and Steve go on holiday - part 4

Date: March 24, 2006

Summary: Beaver & steve is thinking of resting at a hotel....

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Hotel, Bathingman, cook,

Onomatopoeias used: "OPEN!", "LIFT!", "SPLUT"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Hotel opens itself with a "OPEN!"
Hotel: "I have a really nice restaurant and all my rooms have ensuite bathrooms. You'll love staying in me!"
Cook: "My omlette is delicious"
Bathing man: "HEY!"

Panel 2

Steve: "Do you have a cable?"
Hotel: "C-cable?"
Steve:"What about a pool?"

Panel 3

Hotel lifts up the roof with a "lift"
Hotel: "I- I have a pool table..."
Steve: "This is the worst hotel ever. Let's stay somewhere else."

Panel 4

Hotel starts crying.
Hotel: "Oh boo hoo! Its true! I am the worst hotel ever! You should go and find somewhere less horrible to stay, even a ditch would make better accomodation than me... ...A ditch full of broken glass! Sob!"
Steve: "Does the ditch have cable?"

Panel 5

Beaver: "Now now, I'm sure you're a very good hotel,"
Steve: "Sh! No he's not! Don't say that!"
Hotel: "Snif...Y-You're just saying that..."
Beaver: "No! We'd love to, uh, stay in you..."
Hotel: "R-really..?"
Beaver: "Yes!, you look very, um, luxurious."

Panel 6

Hotel: "Well then, come on in! BLAAAA"
Hotel sticks its toungue out with a "splut"
Steve: "Hmf! I bet we don't even get mints on the pillows..."

Fun Facts

  • The hotel can actually open itself,
  • The hotel does in fact have a tongue at is entrance door
  • Steve is'nt very symphatic
  • Beaver is actually too nice to people...



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