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Qual'n'Gurtha munching on a tree.

Link: Comic 160

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: gardening into DANGER - part 3

Date: March 3, 2006

Summary: Qual'n'Gurtha begins his destruction of everything, beginning with Beaver's cupcakes. But, alas, they filled him up rather well.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Qual'n'Gurtha

Onomatopoeias used: "SWIPE!", "GLUM!", "NOM!", "SLURP!"

"Fin" style: Written on the side of cupcakes.

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Qual'n'Gurtha: "And so the destruction begins..."
Qual'n'Gurtha: "... With these cakes!"
Qual'n'Gurtha SWIPE!s Beaver's cupcakes.
Beaver: "Hey!"

Panel 2

Qual'n'Gurtha is eating the cupcakes while making GLUM! sounds and talking.
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Behold! As the moist sponge is hurled into the infinite void of nothingness! ..."
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Ooh! Saltanas!"
Beaver: "Well you could have atleast used a saucer. Look at all these crumbs!"

Panel 3

Qual'n'Gurtha: "And now..."
Qual'n'Gurtha points to a tree.
Qual'n'Gurtha: "... That tree!"

Panel 4

Qual'n'Gurtha NOM! NOM! NOM!s on the tree.

Panel 5

Qual'n'Gurtha is still holding on to the tree.
Beaver and Steve walk off.
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Actually those cakes were kind of more filling than I expected..."
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Um... Do you guys have any ketchup? Guys?"

Panel 6

All are in the kitchen, baking more cupcakes. Qual'n'Gurtha is SLURP!ing a spoon.
Steve (who is wearing a "Cook's Asst." apron): "Hey! No fair! It was my turn to lick the spoon!"
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Silence! You cast the raw cake-mix into the abyss last time!"
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Num!"

Fun Facts

  • Beaver's cupcakes are more filling than the entire universe. Or maybe Qual'n'Gurtha just had a bad sense of perspective. His eye is bigger than his stomach.



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