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Hunger for destruction indeed.

Link: Comic 159

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: gardening into DANGER - part 2

Date: February 27, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve meet the mighty, terrible and incredibly hungry Qual'n'Gurtha.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Buddy Holly, Pig, Qual'n'Gurtha

Onomatopoeias used: "FWOOOSH!"

Number of panels: 5


Panel 1

Steve: (pointing at something in the sky behind Beaver) "Look! Elvis Presley flying on the back of a pig!"
Beaver turns around to see.

Panel 2

Buddy Holly: (flying on a pig with a wild FWOOOOSH) "Peggy Suuuue!"
Pig: "Oink!"
Beaver: "Wait a minute... That's not Elvis...!"

Panel 3

Beaver turns back round to see Steve standing next to a bizarre one-eyed octopus monster. The door is open, which proves that Steve let the monster out.
Beaver: "I probably should have forseen this..."

Panel 4

Beaver: "Who..."
Qual'n'Gurtha: "I am the mighty and terrible QUAL'N'GURTHA!"
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Eater of worlds! Devourer of suns! Gormand of galaxies!"

Panel 5

Close up of Qual'n'Gurtha
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Prepare to witness the end of your entire pitiful universe..."
Qual'n'Gurtha: "My hunger for it's destruction has never been hungrier!"

Fun Facts

  • Beaver is right - that is indeed not Elvis Presley riding the flying pig, but Buddy Holly instead. What a cunningly treacherous distraction trick by that pesky Steve!
    • This is in fact quite possibly a reference to an episode of Quantum Leap, where the main character, Sam, met Buddy Holly in a farm. Holly had written a song about a pig on the farm named Sue, which he called (naturally) "Piggy Sue", until Sam suggested he change it to "Peggy Sue".
  • This just in, from the most authentic of all sources himself - "Qual'n'gurtha has been imprisoned in there for 40,000 years."
  • Buddy Holly rides flying pigs. duh
  • Qual'n'gurtha is quite possibly a reference to Shuma-Gorath of Marvel fame. The "Lord of Chaos, Master of the Old Ones, Ruler of a hundred dimensions" possesses, aside from a desire to destroy the world, the exact body and appearance of Qual'n'gurtha; they share the single eye, green colour, and both have numerous tentacular appendages. Some speculation suggests that Qual'n'gurtha is no more than Shuma-Gorath's younger and less-powerful brother who nobody has ever heard about. Now we know why.



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