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Beaver and Steve perform an act of kindness

Link: Comic 157

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: sock it to me - part 8

Date: February 20, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve find out the truth about the missing left socks.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Xarlaxians, Bird

Onomatopoeias used: "DAB!", "UNFOLD!", "BLORT!", "FWOOOOSH!", "LIFT", "PUT-ON!"

"Fin" style: Formed out of left socks.

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver: "But what do you need our socks for anyway?"
Steve: "And where did the delivery guy go..?"
Xarlaxian King: "The left socks of Earth are the richest source of the rare element chizanunium. It is the element which fuels our ships."

Panel 2

Xarlaxian King UNFOLD!s a collection of alien pictures while DAB!'ing one of his three eyes with a handkerchief. All three characters are sobbing and Steve BLORT!'s his nose loudly.
Xarlaxian King: "Without your socks we can never get home to see our families again! I miss them so much!"
Beaver: "Sniff! That's so sad!"
Xarlaxian King: "OK, we reproduce asexually so they are technically all my identical clones, but I miss 'em all the same..."

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve take off left socks, to reveal their human feet.
Beaver: "Your story has touched our hearts - here are the last of our left socks!"
Xarlaxian King: "Oh! With these socks we will finally have enough fuel to return home!"

Panel 4

Washing machine/Xarlaxian Battle Cruiser takes off. Beaver and Steve wave goodbye. A bird watches surprised.
Steve: "Bye!"
Beaver: "Don't forget to write!"

Panel 5

A Xarlaxian is comforting the king, who is holding a sock.
Xarlaxian King: "Oh boo-hoo I miss them so much..."
Xarlaxian: "There there..."

Panel 6

The Xarlaxians' faces turn into devilish smiles as they LIFT their slimy disguise robes and PUT-ON! some socks.
Xarlaxian King: "Ha ha! Earthlings are such suckers!"
Xarlaxian: "But they do make very good socks!"
Xarlaxian's Foot: "Mmm - toasty!"

Fun Facts

  • Beaver and Steve have human-like feet underneath the socks they've been wearing all along.
  • Those pesky aliens were totally being jerks there
  • Cartoon physics is very...interesting.
  • The second alien in the last panel says, "mm, toasty!" or something to that effect. However, the speech bubble looks as if the sound is coming from underneath, where the foot is. A hint at who is REALLY behind the great sock heist? Just an error? Only time will tell.
  • Time probably won't tell.
  • Beaver and Steve's house has no ceiling as the washing machine simply lifts off



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