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Beaver and Steve get Matrix on the Non-Copyright Infringing Droid's asses!

Link: Comic 154

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: sock it to me - part 6

Date: February 10, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve ambush a couple of Non-Copyright Infringing Droids, steal their 'cases' and get past the guards.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monsters, Generic And Totally Non-Copyright Infringing Droids

Onomatopoeias used: "POUNCE!", "AMBUSH!", "VIOLENCE!", "NONCHALANT"

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Beaver holds Steve, and covers his mouth.
Beaver: "Ok, Here's the plan..."
Stever: "Wait, let me guess: is it 'Whisper! Whisper! Whisper!'?
Beaver: "Why yes it is! How ever did you know?"

Panel 2

The Non-Copyright Infringing Droids are moving forewards.
Non-Copyright Infringing C-3PO: "It really is a lovely day, isn't it?"
Non-Copyright Infringing R2-D2: "Bop Bop Beep*"
[*Trans: Shut your cake-hole]

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve POUNCE! and AMBUSH! The Non-Copyright Infringing Droids. Beaver is jumping in from our left, and Steve from our right. The The Non-Copyright Infringing Droids are surprised.
Non-Copyright Infringing C-3PO: "Gracious me!"
Steve: "YAAAA!"
Non-Copyright Infringing R2-D2: "Beep Bip-Bip!*"
[*Translation: Holy #@?$!]

Panel 4

The onomatopoeia "VIOLENCE!" surrounded by different coloured stars and backgrounded with a cloud of smoke, turned 90 degrees clockwise.

Panel 5

Beaver and Steve are wearing the Non-Copyright Infringing Droids metal casings as disguises. Beaver is wearing the Non-Copyright Infringing C-3PO's Case, and Steve is wearing the Non-Copyright Infringing R2-D2's case.
Beaver: "With these disguises we'll have no trouble getting past the guards!"
Steve: "My bolts are chaffing"

Panel 6

Beaver and Stever are moving past the cards-playing Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monsters NONCHALANTly. The Guards seem suspecting and one of them is rubbing his 'chin'. Both guards are holding three cards.
Beaver: "Here we are, two totally normal droids going about our normal droid business..."
Steve: "Yes that's us, just a couple of, I mean 'Beepy Beepy!'"

Panel 7

Beaver and Steve are taking off their disguises, and are standing in front of a large wooden door with a King's Seal on the front. Above the door is a sign which reads: "King's Chamber (contains answers perhaps)
Beaver: "It worked! Now perhaps we can find some answers in here..."
Steve: "I can't feel my legs..."

Fun Facts

  • As James noted in the news: "And finally, today is the 70th annual Burt Reynolds Day, and to celebrate there is a bonus Burt Reynolds hidden somewhere in this strip. Can you find him? Almost certainly yes!". And indeed, the bottom right quarter of the shield on the door of the King's Chamber seems to have a tiny picture of Burt Reynolds on it!
  • Non-Copyright Infringing C-3PO is a very polite droid.
  • Non-Copyright Infringing R2-D2 appears to hate Non-Copyright Infringing C-3PO's guts-- err... wires.
  • Steve has a good memory.
  • Beaver has watched "The Matrix" too many times.
  • Bolts chafe Steve.
  • The Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monsters are rather un-intelligent.
  • The King's Chamber contains answers, perhaps?
  • Violence consists of colored stars.
  • Non-Copyright-Infringing C-3PO eats cake...which is peculiar for a droid, no?
  • "Beep-Bip" is droid for "HOLY #@?$!"
  • Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monsters don't seem to be bothered by the fact that droids aren't Left Socks, even as they plainly state it!



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