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File:Image:154 3.png
Beaver and Steve get Matrix on the Non-Copyright Infringing Droid's asses!

Link: Comic 154

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: sock it to me - part 6

Date: February 10, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve Ambush a couple if non-copyright infringing droids, steal their 'cases' and get past the guards.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Gruglarr, Gruglarr's friend, Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - C-3PO, and Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - R2-D2.

Onomatopoeias used: ""POUNCE!" "AMBUSH!" "VIOLENCE!" "NONCHALANT""

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Beaver holds Steve, and covers his mouth.
Beaver: "Ok, Here's the plan..."
Stever: "Wait, let me guess: is it 'Whisper! Whisper! Whisper!'?
Beaver: "Why yes it is! How ever did you know?"

Panel 2

The Non-Copyright Infringing Droids are moving forewards.
Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - C-3PO: "It really is a lovely day, isn't it?"
Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - R2-D2: "Bop Bop Beep*"
"*Trans: Shut your cake-hole"

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve BOUNCE! and AMBUSH! The Non-Copyright Infringing Droids. Beaver is jumping in from our left, and Steve from our right. The The Non-Copyright Infringing Droids are surprised.
Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - C-3PO: "Gracious me!"
Steve: "YAAAA!"
Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - R2-D2: "Beep Bip-Bip!*"
"*Translation: Holy #@?$!"

Panel 4

The word "Violence!" surrounded by different coloured stars and backgrounded with a cloud of smoke, turned 90 degrees clockwise.

Panel 5

Beaver and Steve are wearing the Non-Copyright Infringing Droids metal casings as disguises. Beaver is wearing the Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - C-3PO's Case, and Steve is wearing the Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - R2-D2's case.
Beaver: "With these disguises we'll have no trouble getting past the guards!"
Steve: "My bolts are chaffing"

Panel 6

Beaver and Stever are moving past Gruglarr and Gruglarrs friend NONCHALANTly The Guards seem suspisiouse, one is Rubbing his 'chin.' Bith guards are holding three cards.
Beaver: "Here we are, two totally normal droids going about our normal droid business..."
Steve: "Yes that's us, just a couple of, I mean 'Beepy Beepy!'

Panel 7

Beaver and Steve are taking off their disguises, and are standing infront of a large wooden door, with a Kings Seal on the front. Above the door is a sign which reads: "Kings Chamber (Contains answers perhaps)
Beaver: "It worked! Now perhaps we can find some answers in here..."
Steve: "I can't feel my legs..."

Fun Facts

  • Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - C-3PO is a very polite driod.
  • Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - R2-D2 appears to hate Non-Copyright Infringing Droid - C-3PO's guts-- err...Wires.
  • Steve has a good memory.
  • Beaver has watched "The Matrix" too many times.
  • Bolt's chafe Steve.
  • Gruglarr and his friend are un-intelligent.
  • The Kings Chamber contains answers, perhaps?



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