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Link: Comic 152

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: sock it to me - part 4

Date: February 3, 2006

Summary: Beaver comes up with a plan to get out of the detention center.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monster

Onomatopoeias used: "OOOOZE!", "SUPRISE ATTACK!", "SPLODGE!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Steve is sitting on a bench. Behind the bench, on the wall, it says "Steve woz ere".
Steve: "Oh no! Held prisoner inside our own washing machine by aliens intent on stealing all our left socks for purposes unknown- I don't think there is any way out of this one Beaver..."
"Oh boy! Exposition" is in a box pointing at Steve's speech bubble.
Beaver: "But wait! I have an ingenious plan!"

Panel 2

Beaver: "Here it is: whisper! Whisper! Whisper!"
Steve: "Oh! It is a scheme so cunning in its intricacy that it cannot possibly fail!"

Panel 3

Beaver: "COUGH! COUGH! Oh ugh, I am going to be SICK!"
Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monster: "Oh gross! And I bet it'll be me that has to clean it up too!"

Panel 4

Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monster OOOOZE!s in carrying a ray gun and a bucket.
Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monster: "Oh! Please evacuate the contents of your multi-cellular digestive sac into this bucket!"
Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monster: "Wait... Where is the green one...?"
Beaver: "Bleurgh etc."

Panel 5

Steve SUPRISE ATTACK!s the slime monster while shouting "YAAA!"
Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monster: "Oh! Ow! No fair!"
Steve SPLODGE!s into the slime monster, bursting his membrane open.

Panel 6

Beaver: "Great work Steve! Now let's get out of here!"
Steve is standing on the puddle of what once was a three-eyed slime monster.
Steve: "Ew- Cytoplasm!"
Puddle of Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monster: "My membranes!"
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts

  • Steve's intelligence is growing... Could this be a foreshadow? Maybe, maybe not!
  • Steve has a penchant for petty vandalism.
  • Turns out the aliens are very tidy clean people (if you can call them people... they are also very squeamish it seems).



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