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waterproof connectors

Selection of the Simplify back waterproof connectors

waterproof connectors and interconnection systems developers waterproof connectors company announced on its Web site recently launched a new dedicated micro-site designed to provide design engineers with a full range of waterproof connectors company back waterproof connectors the only source of information.

Our mini-site has been previously announced in our customers get a positive response, our goal is to make our customers can be less than 10 micro-stations dedicated to obtain access to all our products. waterproof connectors company communications market, the Asia-Pacific region senior business development manager, FrancisLo said. Through these micro-sites, design engineers to find products that meet specific design requirements becomes very easy, because they can easily access product solutions, 3D-model, the user drawing, matching information, data sheets, product specifications and other relevant information .

Dedicated micro-stations in the back set in waterproof connectors company can supply all the backplane product profile, tru_1wt including high speed and orthogonal products, such as Metral high-speed, AirMaxVS and Zipline products. Micro-site also provides industry-standard 2.00 mm product line product information, such as Metral, also known as Futurebus, Millipacs waterproof connectors. Continued selling the 2.54 mm - pitch DIN41612 product line to further improve the waterproof connectors company range of products available to back, and now also been integrated into the new dedicated micro-stations.

The waterproof connectors company provides high-quality waterproof connectors | ip67 connector | ip68 connector and so on, more details Login:

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