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Not socks!

Link: Comic 151

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Sock it to me - part 3

Date: January 30, 2006

Summary: Grublarr and his Monster friend find out what Beaver and Steve truly are: NOT socks!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Grublarr, Other Three-eyed Gelatinous Slime-Monster

Onomatopoeias used: None

Number of panels: 3


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are surrounded by two green, slimy, three-eyed slime monsters.
Beaver: "Um...Yes?"
Steve: "W-we are...?"
Grublarr: (kindly) "Oh! In that case I'm sorry that we bothered you! Please go about your socky business."
Other Monster: (holding 'Socks User Manual') "Wait Grublarr, we should check the reference manual first..."

Panel 2

Close up on 'Socks User Manual' where you can see 'FIGURE 1: SOCKS' and a picture of a sock, and on the other page 'FIGURE 2: NOT SOCKS' with a picture of Beaver, Steve, a bee and a windmill.
Monster2: "Let's see now... Oh my!"

Panel 3

Monster2: "They are not socks at all!"
Monster1: "You lied to us? For shame! Take them to the detention centre!"
Steve: "I'm very disappointed in you Beaver."
[To be Cont'd.]

Fun Facts

  • Beaver is a liar.
  • Aliens who steal left socks are not very bright, but very polite nonetheless.
  • The Socks User Manual is very thick.
  • Socks often do not often come with a manual at all.
  • In Panels 2 and 3, we can see Gruglarr clearly has more than two 'arms.' However, The other alien appears not to have extra arms.
  • In the Socks User Manual, Beaver and Steve are shown in the exact positions that they appear to be standing in at the time the alien checks their sockiness-status.
  • Beavers, lizards, bees and windmills are NOT SOCKS


  • The bee in the book looks very similar to the Bee in Comic 38. Probably because it's a bee.
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