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Is this the end for Steve?

Link: Comic 148

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: It's all good fun until somebody loses a tail - part 5

Date: January 20, 2006

Summary: Steve's tail attacks, but can Steve show it the errors of its ways?

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Steve's Tail, Sky-Octopus

Onomatopoeias used: "LEAP!", "SLAM!", "WHUMP!", "RAGE!", "GRRRR!", "GRAB!", "CHOMP!"

"Fin" style: Blue, with Steve's tail on "F", Satan's tail on "I" and Beaver's tail on "N".

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve's Tail LEAP!'s towards Steve with the axe.
Beaver: (off-screen) "Steve! Behind you!"
Steve: "YAAA!"

Panel 2

Steve: "Wait... don't do this! You're my tail! Think of all the good times we've shared..."

Panel 3

The Tail thinks about old times - a memory of Steve SLAM!'ing his tail between a door.

Panel 4

A memory of Steve holding his tail in a fireplace while enjoying a barbequed marshmellow.

Panel 5

A memory of Steve whacking his tail with a WHUMP!.
Steve's Tail is getting angry about the memories.

Panel 6

Steve's Tail is emanating RAGE! and is about to kill Steve.
Steve's Tail: "Mrffggl vengeance rmmbrrl"
Steve: "Good times, y-yes?"

Panel 7

A GRRRR!'ing Sky-Octopus appears at the last moment and GRAB!'s Steve's Tail, who drops the axe.
Steve looks surprised.

Panel 8

CHOMP! CHOMP! sounds come from above.
Beaver: "Well that was close! I think it was about to saw off my tail!"
Steve: (looking at his missing tail) "Tail..?"

Panel 9

Beaver: (off-screen) "Um, could you untie me now Steve?"
Steve: (holding the saw) "...saw?..."
Beaver: "Steve...?"

Panel 10

Steve is now running around with Beaver's tail attached, while Beaver stands and looks at him confusedly.
Steve: "Hee hee! You can't catch me!"

Fun Facts

  • Apparently, Sky-Octopus still exists.
  • Steve obviously doesnt have any feeling in his tail.


  • The owl on the fireplace looks very similar to the one from Comic 95.
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