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Link: Comic 145

Title: It's all good fun until somebody loses a tail - part 2

Date: January 9, 2006

Summary: Steve's tail seems to be growing a new Steve, instead of the other way around.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Steve's tail

Onomatopoeias used: "NO TAIL", "WRIGGLE!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

[ The next day...]
Beaver is greeting Steve, who is looking at his behind, having NO TAIL.
Beaver: "Morning Steve! How's the tail?"
Steve: "Maybe it will grow back tomorrow...?"

Panel 2

Beaver and Steve are looking at Steve's amputated tail lying on the floor. There are flies around it.
Beaver: "Oh gross - your old tail is still lying around! I thought I told you to always throw away unwanted body parts? Remember what happened with your appendix?"
Steve: "But... I did throw the tail away..."

Panel 3

Beaver picks up Steve's old tail. Steve tries to look as innocent as possible.
Beaver: "Now Steve, it's not nice to tell lies..."
Steve: "But Beaver..!"
Beaver: "Are you trying to tell me that your tail climbed out of the bin all by itself?..."

Panel 4

The tail WRIGGLE!s in Beaver's hands. Both Beaver and Steve look surprised.
Beaver: "Oh!"
Steve: "Perhaps?"

Panel 5

Close up on Steve's tail, which now resembles a miniature Steve. Beaver looks puzzled.
Beaver: "Hmm...I'm not sure if you're growing a new tail Steve..."
Steve's tail: "Mrrfffl..."
Beaver: "But I think your tail might be growing a new you... What shall we do with it...?"

Panel 6

Beaver is holding Steve's tail.
Beaver: "And no Steve, we can't eat it."
Steve: (holding a knife and a fork) "What makes you think I was going to suggest that?"
[To be Contd.]

Fun Facts

  • Steve will eat anything.
  • After old tails are left lying around, flies will become attracted to it.
  • Steve has had his appendix taken out.
  • Apparently, it's not only possible for lizards to regrow lost bodyparts, but also for their tails to grow a new lizard.
  • Tails will not decompose or smell after less than a day.
  • Steve reproduces by regeneration. Sorry, ladies!



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