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Fear the Sky-Octopus!

Link: Comic 144

Title: It's all good fun until somebody loses a tail - part 1

Date: January 6, 2006

Summary: Steve teaches Beaver about some of his ancestors and his tail-detachment.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Sky-Octopus, Steve's Ancestors

Onomatopoeias used: "GRAB!", "ERUPT!", "GRAB!", "SNATCH!", "SNAP!"

"Fin" style: "Onka Mok" ("To be contd." in Stevean)

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are playing catch. Beaver is chasing Steve.
Steve: "Hee Hee! You can't catch me!"
Beaver: "Oh yes I can! Giggle!"
Beaver GRAB!s Steve's tail.

Panel 2

Beaver is left standing holding Steve's tail. Steve simply looks at his now separated body part.
Beaver: "Oops."

Panel 3

Steve smiles at Beaver.
Steve "Don't worry Beaver. It's supposed to come off. It will grow back tomorrow.
Beaver looks unsure.
Beaver: "Are you sure?"
Steve: "Oh yes, it evolved that way..."

Panel 4

[10 Million Years Earlier...]
Two exact replicas of Steve wearing tiger-skin holding spears are standing in the middle of a desert as a volcano ERUPT!s in the background.
Steve1: "Uk-A-Chunk Steve (1)"
Steve2: "Urga-rok-Steve (2)"
1) 'Hello Steve'
2) 'Hi there Steve']

Panel 5

A giant Sky-octopus GRAB!s and SNATCH!es Steve's ancestors.
Steve1: "Ukka Ukka!(1)"
[1) 'Oh no! Sky-octopus!']

Panel 6

Close up on the octopus' tentacles holding Steve's ancestors by the tail. The tail on the Steve on the right has SNAP!ed off and he is falling to the ground.
Steve on the right: "Dok Tokoka!(1)"
Steve on the left: "Mukunga Uk!(2)"
[Onka Mok(3)]
[1) 'Hooray! My detachable tail saves me again! I survive to pass on this trait to my progeny!'
2) 'Alas! My inferior genetic legacy ends here!'
3) 'To be continued.']

Fun Facts

  • 10 million years earlier, Steve's ancestors used to wear tiger skin and use spears to hunt and scratch their backs.
  • The Giant Sky-Octopus is in fact a representation of God, punishing them.


  • This is the first 'official' occurrence of Steve's limbs detaching like those of lizards. It has, however, happened before in a guest comic.
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