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Fear the Sky-Octopus!

Link: Comic 144

Title: It's all good fun until somebody loses a tail - part 1

Date: January 6, 2006

Summary: Steve teaches Beaver about some of his ancestors and his tail-detachment.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Sky-Octopus, Steve's Ancestor 1, Steve's Ancestor 2

Onomatopoeias used: GRAB!, ERUPT!, GRAB!, SNATCH!, SNAP!

"Fin" style: Small white box with "Onka Mok(3)" written in black font. It translates to "To be continued".

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are playing catch. Beaver is chasing Steve.
Steve: "Hee Hee! You can't catch me!"
Beaver: "Oh yes I can! Giggle!"
Beaver GRAB!s Steve's tail.

Panel 2

Beaver is left standing holding Steve's tail. Steve simply looks at his now separated body part.
Beaver: "Oops."

Panel 3

Steve smiles at Beaver.
Steve "Don't worry Beaver. It's supposed to come off. It will grow back tomorrow.
Beaver looks unsure.
Beaver: "Are you sure?"
Steve: "Oh yes, it evolved that way..."

Panel 4

"10 Million Years Earlier..."
Two exact replicas of Steve wearing tiger-skin holding spears are standing in the middle of a desert as a volcano ERUPT!s in the background.
Steve1: "Uk-A-Chunk Steve (1)"
Steve2: "Urga-rok-Steve (2)"
1)'Hello Steve'
2)'Hi there Steve'"

Panel 5

A giant Sky-octopus GRAB!s and SNATCH!es Steve 1 and 2.
Steve1: "Ukka Ukka!(1)"
"1)'Oh no! Sky-octopus!'"

Panel 6

Close up on the octopus' tentacles holding Steve 1 and 2 by the tail. Steve 2's tail has SNAP!ed off and he is falling to the ground.
Steve2: "Dok Tokoka!(1)"
Steve1: "Mukunga Uk!(2)"
"Onka Mok(3)"
"1)'Hooray! My detachable tail saves me again! I survive to pass on this trait to my progeny!'
2)'Alas! My inferior genetic legacy ends here!'
3)'To be continued.'"

Fun Facts

- 10 million years earlier, Steve's ancestors used to wear tiger skin and use spears to hunt and scratch their backs.
- The Giant Sky-Octopus is in fact a representation of God, punishing them.


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