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Santa brings tidings of discomfort and ass-kicking!

Link: Comic 142

Title: Count down to christmas - part 2

Date: December 30, 2005

Summary: Santa saves Steve from his impending doom.

Cast: Santa, Count Dracula, Steve, Puppies

Onomatopoeias used: "RUMMAGE!", "FLING!", "PLISH!", "POF!"

"Fin" style: Red letters, Santa's hat on "N"

Number of panels: 5


Panel 1

Santa: (RUMMAGE!'ing in his sack) "I've got something in my sack for you, Count..."
Count Dracula: (flattered) "For me? You shouldn't have!"

Panel 2

Santa FLING!'s crucifixes, garlic, and holy water at Dracula. (The holy water PLISH!'s out of the flask)
Santa: "I bring you tidings of discomfort and ass-kicking!"
Count Dracula: "Akh! Crucifixes and garlic! These items were not on my Amazon wish-list!"

Panel 3

Santa: "There's something in here for you too Steve..."
Steve: "Um, if this is about the incident with the stinging jelly-fish I can explain everything..."
Count Dracula: (now a pile of dust on the floor) "I'll get you next year Santa!"

Panel 4

Santa: (FLING!'ing puppies at Steve, one of whom bounces off his head with a POF!) "...Puppies!"
Steve: "Yay!"

Panel 5

Santa: "Now we all had a lot of fun here today, but remember kids, I can't always be there to save you."
Santa: "Don't let the undead spoil your holiday season: STAY VAMPIRE SAFE. MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Fun Facts

  • Count Dracula's Wish List may or may not include one or more of the following:
    • Season 2 of Queer as Folk
    • A beer hat with I.V. bags
    • A Gucci cape
    • Haley Joel Osmond
    • The new Britney Spears CD
  • No matter which kind of priest blessed the water thrown at Count Dracula's head, he obviously knows about chemistry
  • Santa can pull everything out of his sack, depending on what's needed right now



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