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*Obviously, Steve tends to create disfigured Snowmen.
*Obviously, Steve tends to create disfigured Snowmen.
*Steve secretly wishes he were a teapot.
*Steve secretly wishes he were a teapot.
*Santa has freaking sweet banter-phrase-line-things.

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Link: Comic 141

Title: Count down to christmas - part 1

Date: December 23, 2005

Summary: It's Christmas, and Steve gets a visit from "Santa".

Cast: Steve, Mouse, Count Dracula, Santa

Onomatopoeias used: "ZZZZ", "STIR!", "POF!", "THUD!", "BLAAAAA"

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Shot of house.
Story: "T'was the night before christmas, and all through the house..."

Panel 2

Shot of Steve ZZZZing in his bed.
Story: "...not a creature was stirring..."

Panel 3

Shot of a mouse STIR!ing in a pot.
Story: "...not even a... Hey! Cut that out!"
Mouse: "Oop! Sorry!"

Panel 4

Shot of Steve, whose dream POF!s away because of an off-screen THUD!ing.
Story: "But then!"

Panel 5

Shot of count Dracula leaning over Steve's bed.
Count Dracula: "BLAAAA!"
Steve: "S-Santa?"

Panel 6

Shot of Count Dracula looking annoyed.
Count Dracula: "Uh, yeah, sure, I'm Santa. Now let Santa drink your blood."
Steve: "You don't sound much like Santa..."

Panel 7

Count Dracula: "Um, I meant: Ho Ho Ho! Let me drink your blood little boy!"
Steve: "OK Santa!"
Steve: "Tuck in!"

Panel 8

Count Dracula BLAAAAA!s while preparing to bite Steve.
Steve: "Tee hee!"

Panel 9

Count Dracula looks surprised.
Off-screen voice, supposedly Santa: "Stop right there!"
Count Dracula: "That voice!"

Panel 10

Santa: "I've checked my naughty list twice Count Dracula... ...and your name is right at the top"
Count Dracula: "No! Santa!"
Steve is confused.

Fun Facts

  • It looks as though Count Dracula escaped from the jar in Comic 80.
  • Obviously, Steve tends to create disfigured Snowmen.
  • Steve secretly wishes he were a teapot.


Mssr. Dracula, Comic 80.

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