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A tense moment...

Link: Comic 140

Title: Hamburger Hijinks - part 3

Date: December 19, 2005

Summary: Steve confronts the evil burger, Beaver realises it's just a costume.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Evil Hamburger, Manager, Customer

Onomatopoeias used: "RRRRR...", "RRUH?", "RRAAR!", "MOP!", "FLIP!", "UNMASK!", "RRIP!"

"Fin" style: The evil burger.

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Steve: "What are we going to do, Beaver?"
Beaver: "Hmm..How about we try ignoring it and hope it goes away?"
Steve: "Ooh! Good plan!"
Evil Hamburger RRRRR's at Beaver and Steve.

Panel 2

Beaver and Steve stare at the hamburger.

Panel 3

Customer: (entering the scene) "Hi! I'd like to order a..."
Evil Hamburger RRUH?'s at the customer.

Panel 4

Off-panel Customer: (with blood splashing around) "Get it off me! Augh! My pancreas!"
Beaver: "Hmm..Well that didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped..."
Steve: "That's it! Two dead customers is one too many..."
Steve: "Hand me the mop!"

Panel 5

Steve has cornered and now MOP! MOP!'s the Evil Hamburger, who RRAAR!'s at Beaver and fends off Steve's mop.
Beaver: "Careful Steve, there's nothing more dangerous than a cornered hamburger"

Panel 6

Beaver "Wait a minute..That's not a possessed Devil Burger...It's a costume!"
Beaver: "Let's see who's really behind all this..."

Panel 7

Evil Hamburger costume FLIP!'s open to reveal an old man.
Beaver: "Why! It's Old Man McWeasel from McWeasel brgers across the road!"
McWeasel: "Bah! I was going to scare away all your customers - And I would have got away with it too if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!"
Beaver: "Hang on - That's a mask too!"

Panel 8

McWeasel is UNMASK!'ed and revealed to be the manager, who is holding two red customer service stars.
Steve: "Oh! It's the boss!"
Manager: "Yes boys, this whole thing was just a test... And you passed! You've earned these: Your customer service stars!"
Beaver: "You're not fooling us: That's another mask!"

Panel 9

Steve RRIP!'s off the manager's head.
Manager: "Ouch."
Beaver: "Um, ok that wasn't a mask. My mistake."

Fun Facts

  • The 'wet floor' sign shows a guy who slipped and his head fell off!


The "meddling kids" line McWeasel uses are straight from Scooby Doo where every single episode would end up with the monster turning out to be a guy under a mask who says: "I would've gotten away with it too if it werent for those meddling kids!"

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