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Steve doesn't believe the restaurant might be evil

Link: Comic 139

Title: Hamburger Hijinks - part 2

Date: December 16, 2005

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Satan, Alien, Kid, Evil Hamburger

Onomatopoeias used: "YUM!", "GLAAA!", "CONCERN", "RRRRR", "POO", "CHOMP!", "BITE!", "DISMEMBER!"

Number of panels: 6, but the first one is segmented


Panel 1

(Segmented Panel)
A shot of Beaver with a flashlight.
Beaver: "Ah, I think I see the problem: This place has been built on..."

Beaver: "an Indian Burial Ground..."
A shot of a totem pole with pieces representing a blue bird, a man's face (which looks awfully similar to that of James Turner) and a panda; and a stick with an animal skull on it.

Beaver: "a gateway to hell..."
A shot of an orange twirling gateway.
Satan: "RAAA!"

Beaver: "a crash-landed UFO..."
A shot of an alien coming out from the crashed UFO.
Alien: "Hi!"

Beaver: "a Rubik's Cube..."
A shot of a big Rubik's Cube emanating an eerie green glow.

Beaver: "and a toxic waste dump. I should have guessed!"
A shot of a green leaking radioactive waste container and a yellow one with a black skeleton's head and "BAD STUFF" written on it.

Panel 2

Beaver: (returning to the counter) "Hey Steve, I figured out the problem: The restaurant is built on the centre of Evil for the entire universe."
Steve is handing a burger to the Kid, who is making a YUM! sound.
Steve: "Ooh - cool! And the Shake-O-Matic started working again so I managed to get the order finished too!"

Panel 3

Beaver: (making a CONCERN onomatopoeia) "That's great Steve, but I can't help but wonder if we should be a little concerned about the whole 'Centre of Evil' thing..."
The Kid GLAAA!'s while preparing to eat the hamburger.

Panel 4

Steve: (POO POO'ing at Beaver) "Oh pish-posh. That's just a lot of superstitious hoo-ha. I'm sure nothing evil will happen."
The hamburger becomes alive and RRRRR...'s at the startled Kid.

Panel 5

Evil Hamburger: "GRAAAAA!"
Kid: "AAAH!"
Steve: (noticing what's going on) "Well, I suppose that's a little evil..."

Panel 6

Off-screen sound effects, accompanied by spraying blood: CHOMP! BITE! DISMEMBER!
Steve: (squinting an eye) "Do you think this might affect our chances of getting our customer service stars...?"
Beaver: "I'll fetch the mop."

Fun Facts

  • A toxic waste barrel is marked "Bad stuff"
  • Apparently, Rubik's Cubes are a source of evil energy
  • The totem pole's bottom animal is a panda. Pandas are of course known for their pleasant misdemeanor and the overabundance of evil in their blood.
  • The totem pole's middle part looks strangely similar to James Turner, as we can see in the episodes he appears (Comic 100).


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