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Link: Comic 137

Title: Making the moth't of things - part 3

Date: December 9, 2005

Summary: The moth tricks Steve and breaks free, only to burn to death horribly.

Cast: Beaver, Steve

Onomatopoeias used: "RUB RUB!", "SWIPE!", "FLIT!", "RUB", "WOOMP!", "SIZZLE", "PAF!"

"Fin" style: Written on a Moth

Number of panels: 9

Transcript========Panel 1====

Steve: Y-You live on... Fear?
Moth: Oh, did I say fear? I meant...

Panel 2

Steve: YAAAA!

Panel 3

Moth: Oh yum yum, your fear is tasty like chocolate cheesecake. I can tell I will grow very fat while I am living here...

Panel 4


Panel 5

Steve: YAAAA!
Moth: Ha ha! Free! Now I can head for my true goal... the MOON

Panel 6

Moth: To the moon!
Beaver: Now now, what's all this commotion?

Panel 7

Moth: To the moooo...
Oh! Argh! The beautiful light! It burns! IT BURNS!

Panel 8

Moth: The mooooooooon... akh.

Panel 9

Commentary: Meanwhile, on the moon...
Moth Navigator: Sorry sir, agent X4421 didn't make it...
Moth Sir: What happened?
Moth Navigator: Candle, Sir...
Moth Sir: Dammit! How many more agents do we have to lose before we can defeat this menace? How many??

Fun Facts

  • Moths are infact green and purple, but here are drawn brown so not to clash wih the colour of Steve's eyeliner.
  • The Heavy book contains a picture of an anvil, and probably more heavy things.



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