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Link: Comic 137

Title: Making the moth't of things - part 3

Date: December 9, 2005

Summary: The moth tricks Steve and breaks free, only to burn to death horribly.

Cast: Beaver, Steve

Onomatopoeias used: "RUB RUB!", "SWIPE!", "FLIT!", "RUB", "WOOMP!", "SIZZLE", "PAF!"

"Fin" style: Written on a Moth

Number of panels: 9

Transcript========Panel 1====

Steve: Y-You live on... Fear?
Moth: Oh, did I say fear? I meant...

Panel 2

Steve: YAAAA!

Panel 3

Moth: Oh yum yum, your fear is tasty like chocolate cheesecake. I can tell I will grow very fat while I am living here...

Panel 4


Panel 5

Steve: YAAAA!
Moth: Ha ha! Free! Now I can head for my true goal... the MOON

Panel 6

Moth: To the moon!
Beaver: Now now, what's all this commotion?

Panel 7

Moth: To the moooo...
Oh! Argh! The beautiful light! It burns! IT BURNS!

Panel 8

Moth: The mooooooooon... akh.

Panel 9

Commentary: Meanwhile, on the moon...
Moth Navigator: Sorry sir, agent X4421 didn't make it...
Moth Sir: What happened?
Moth Navigator: Candle, Sir...
Moth Sir: Dammit! How many more agents do we have to lose before we can defeat this menace? How many??

Fun Facts

Moths are infact green and purple, but here are drawn brown so not to clash wih the colour of Steve's eyeliner. The Heavy book contains a picture of an anvil, and probably more heavy things.



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