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The deadly [ bird flu].
The deadly [
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Link: Comic 136

Title: Hey! It's the 'I spent all weekend in bed watching TV' filler strip!

Date: December 5, 2005

Summary: Steve has the bird flu; Beaver is there to take care of him.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Bird

Onomatopoeias used: "SNIFFLE", "COUGH"

Number of panels: 1


Panel 1

Picture of Beaver taking care of Steve who is ill.
"Sorry, no comic today as I have spent all weekend suffering from a horrible affliction. I suspect that it is almost certainly bird flu.

Make sure you tune in on Friday to read either
A) The final installment of the current story or B) my obituary. The suspense!"

Fun Facts

  • Everyone is hoping you get better, James, you're our entertainment slave. NOW DANCE, MONKEY.
  • Steve has the thermometer in backwards. You'd think James would've thought of this.


The deadly [

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