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Steve dreams of riding pigeons

Link: Comic 135

Title: Making the moth't of things - part 2

Date: December 2, 2005

Summary: Steve traps the Moth, who starts talking to him while he sleeps.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Moth

Onomatopoeias used: "TRAP!", "FLIK!","RATTLE!" "PLACE!", "GLOWER", "ZZZZZZ", "COO", "YEE-HAW!", "POF!"

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Steve TRAP!s the Moth with a glass.
Steve: "Gotcha!"

Panel 2

Steve smiles at his own wit.

Panel 3

Moth starts flying upwards, trying to escape the glass with a "FLIK! FLIK! RATTLE!"
Steve looks alarmed.

Panel 4

Beaver enters as Steve PLACE!'s a "Heavy Book" on top of the glass cautiously.
The Moth GLOWER's.
Beaver: "Come on Steve, time for bed. You can play with your little friend in the morning..."
Steve: "Ok Beaver..."

Panel 5

Steve is sleeping in his bed, making a ZZZZZZ noise.
He is dreaming of himself riding a giant pigeon, with COO COO and YEE-HAW! sounds

Panel 6

His dream disappears with a POF! as Steve hears something calling him.

Panel 7

Steve is looking at the glass containing the Moth.
Steve: "Wh- What do you want?"

Panel 8

Moth: "I want you to let me out Sssteve... Let me out so I can caress you with my creepy antennae and papery wings."
Steve: "Um... actually I think I'll just leave you in there 'til you starve if that's ok?"
Moth: "Do you know what moths eat Ssssteeeve...?"
Steve: "Um... moss?"
Moth: "No Steve, I'll tell you what we eat..."

Panel 9

Close up on Moth.
Moth: "We eat fear, Sssteve."
Moth: "FEAR!"
Moth: "Num num!"
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts

  • We see that Steve has a clown bed. Creepy!
  • I'm scared of moths now...
  • I told you they liked to land on faces!
  • Steve has a clown bed.



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