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File:BnS 133 Frame 5.png
Steve peels his hand off.

Link: Comic 133

Title: Why can't evil robots from the future just get along with everyone?

Date: November 25, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve are hiding from killer robots, being revealed by Steve (who has his own secret to reveal).

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Unit R51787, Unit R45899

Onomatopoeias used: "EAT!", "PEEL!"

"Fin" style: Spelled with letter shaped robots.

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Robot 1: "Come out puny organic life forms, so that we can pulverize you into a fine paste."
Robot 1: "It is for your own benefit."
Beaver: "This is just terrible - hiding from evil robots from the future behind our own sofa!"
Steve: "It's not all bad - I just found the remote!"
Robot 2: "Look! I have found some of their 'clothing' that they use to conceal their grotesque carbon-based bodies. They must be close!"

Panel 2

Robot 2: "Look at me! I am a puny organic life form! Watch me use my primitive digestive system to derive energy from food! Num num!"
Robot 1: "Ha ha! My humour subroutine is consuming 90% of my CPU!"
Beaver: "What are we going to do?"
Steve: "Wait! I've got it!"
Robot 2: "I am also secreting mucus from a number of bodily locations!"

Panel 3

Steve: "He's down here!"
Beaver: "What the? Steve! What are you doing??"
Robot 1: "Your cooperation is commended. Your greasy organs will serve as a rich source of hinge lubrication."

Panel 4

Beaver: "I don't understand Steve - why did you do it?"
Steve: "You mean you haven't worked it out?"

Panel 5

Steve: "I've been a robot all along!"
Steve: "Behold my gleaming robotic skeleton ... !"

Panel 6


Panel 7

Steve: "Oops, sorry, my mistake."
Robot 1: "Did you bring the organ hammer, Unit R51787?"
Robot 2: "Yes Unit R45899, the big one ..."

Fun Facts

Steve's skeletal structure reveals he has no opposable thumb. This further proves the theory that Steve is, in fact, the ancient ancestor of Vin Diesel.



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