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[[Image:BnS_133_Frame_5.png|frame|Steve peels his hand off.]]'''Link:''' {{Comic|133}}
[[Image:Image:BnS 133 Frame 5.png]]'''Link:''' {{Comic|133}}
'''Title:''' Why can't evil robots from the future just get along with everyone?
'''Title:''' Why can't evil robots from the future just get along with everyone?

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File:Image:BnS 133 Frame 5.pngLink: Comic 133

Title: Why can't evil robots from the future just get along with everyone?

Date: November 25, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve are hiding from killer robots, being revealed by Steve (who has his own secret to reveal).

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Unit R51787, Unit R45899

Onomatopoeias used: "EAT!", "PEEL!"

"Fin" style: Spelled with letter shaped robots.

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Robot 1: Come out puny organic life forms, so that we can pulverize you into a fine paste.
Robot 1: It is for your own benefit.
Beaver: This is just terrible - hiding from evil robots from the future behind our own sofa!
Steve: It's not all bad - I just found the remote!
Robot 2: Look! I have found some of their 'closing' that they use to conceal their grotesque carbon-based bodies. They must be close!

Panel 2

Robot 2: Look at me! I am a puny organic life form! Watch me use my primitive digestive system to derive energy from food! Num num!
Robot 1: Ha ha! My humour subroutine is consuming 90% of my CPU!
Beaver: What are we going to do?
Steve: Wait! I've got it!
Robot 2: I am also secreting mucus from a number of bodily locations!

Panel 3

Steve: He's down here!
Beaver: What the? Steve! What are you doing??
Robot 1: Your cooperation is commended. Your greasy organs will serve as a rich source of hinge lubrication.

Panel 4

Beaver: I don't understand Steve - why did you do it?
Steve: You mean you haven't worked it out?

Panel 5

Steve: I've been a robot all along!
Steve: Behold my gleaming robotic skeleton ... !

Panel 6


Panel 7

Steve: Oops, sorry, my mistake.
Robot 1: Did you bring the organ hammer, Unit R51787?
Robot 2: Yes Unit R45899, the big one ...

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