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Beaver and Steve play poker with the Shoe Goblin.
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Title: Guest Strip! By Ali Graham

Date: November 4, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve discuss their day.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Shoe Goblin, Satan

Onomatopoeias used: "BZZZP!"

"Fin" style: Like a shirt.

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Beaver: "...Wow! What a thoroughly FEASIBLE day we had today!"
Steve: "...But we did so much!"

Panel 2

Steve: "...We went to France:"

Steve: "Wow! France is great! Free stripy jumpers and berets ... and convicts everywhere!"

Panel 3

Steve: "...We visited the pandas"

Steve: "OH COME ON! He's so faking it! I barely touched him!"

Panel 4

Steve: "...We played poker with the Shoe Goblin"

Steve: "Well, I've only got two pairs"
Shoe Goblin: "Unhand me favorite clogs!"

Panel 5

Steve: "...We made soup with Satan"

Beaver: "I think you've added enough fire and brimstone!"
Satan: "Everyone's a critic!"

Panel 6

Steve: "...We played around with the microwave"

Panel 7

Beaver: "...But we do that everyday! NORMALITY can't be seen as unfeasible!"
Steve: "But you forgot about the most important thing!"

Panel 8

Steve: "I've been wearing my shirt inside out ALL DAY!"

Panel 9


Panel 10

Steve: "...My INVISIBLE shirt!"

Fun Facts

This strip was made by Ali Graham of Housd.


Panel 8 is a reference to the Imagination! t-shirt.

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