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'''Cast:''' [[Beaver]], [[Steve]], [[Pandas]]
'''Cast:''' [[Beaver]], [[Steve]], [[Pandas]]
'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' "[[PIK!]]", "[[TIPPY-TOE!]]", "[[KLIK!]]", "[[MEW]]"
'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' "[[PIK!]]", "[[TIPPY-TOE|TIPPY-TOE!]]", "[[KLIK|KLIK!]]", "[[MEW]]"
'''Number of panels:''' 6
'''Number of panels:''' 6

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Steve's worst nightmare
Link: Comic 113

Title: Panda-monium - part 1

Date: September 30, 2005

Summary: Steve discovers a panda infestation in the kitchen.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Pandas

Onomatopoeias used: "PIK!", "TIPPY-TOE!", "KLIK!", "MEW"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Steve is holding a box of Sugar Frosted Bamboo Puffs upside down, a single puff falls into his bowl with a PIK!
Steve: "Hmm..."

Panel 2

Steve: "Beaver! Something's eaten all my Sugar Frosted Bamboo Puffs!"
Beaver: "You've finished another packet already? Well I'm not buying you another this week!"
Steve: "But Beaver! It wasn't me!"

Panel 3

Steve: "I'll show him!"

Panel 4

[That night...]
Steve is TIPPY-TOE!'ing down the stairs.

Panel 5

Shot from inside the dark kitchen that Steve is about to enter.
Steve: "Now let's see who the culprit is..."

Panel 6

Steve KLIK!'s the light switch and reveals the kitchen to be full of MEW'ing pandas.
Steve: "Holy smokes! An infestation!"
[To be contd.]

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