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Famous last words
Link: Comic 112

Title: Bake to the future

Date: September 26, 2005

Summary: Steve travels back in time to Episode 42

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Cyber-Spook

Onomatopoeias used: "PUSH!", "TURN!", "KIK!", "WEE-OO"

"Fin" style: Formed out of spilled paint

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

Steve presents a device to Beaver.
Steve: "Atlast! My time machine is finally complete!"
Beaver: "Oh! How does it work?"

Panel 2

With a PUSH! and a TURN!, Steve configures the time machine.
Steve: "First I have to set the destination time..."
The LED screen on the machine reads "EPISODE 042".

Panel 3

KIK! - Steve activates the time machine. A portal appears with WEE-OO WEE-OO sounds.
Steve: "...and then I hit the switch to open the time portal"

Panel 4

Beaver warns Steve of possible danger while Steve steps through the portal.
Beaver: "Now you will be careful not to change the past won't you?"
Steve: "Oh fiddle faddle, you just wait here, I'll be back soon"

Panel 5

Beaver waits patiently for Steve's return.
Beaver: "Doop de-doo..."

Panel 6

Steve returns.
Steve: "That was awesome!"
Beaver: "Did looking back on the actions you made in the past give you a new outlook on the present?"

Panel 7

Steve: "No, but I got a cookie! Time travel is the best"
Beaver: "Where did you get that?"
Steve: "Can you believe some idiot was just going to throw it away?"

Panel 8

[Meanwhile, Back in Episode 42...]
Cyber-Spook has successfully poured red paint on Steve, being that Steve's weapon (the cookie) is no longer present.
Cyber-Spook: "Ha ha ha! Cyberspook wins again!"
Steve: "Nooooo!"

Fun Facts

  • Cyber-Spook is spelled without a hyphen in this comic.


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