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Steve makes a friend
Link: Comic 111

Title: Making Friends

Date: September 23, 2005

Summary: Steve builds a robotic beaver

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Robot Beaver

Onomatopoeias used: None

"Fin" style: On two roller skates with an antenna, like Robot Beaver

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver: Hey Steve! What are you working on today?

Panel 2

Steve: I'm building a new robot friend
Beaver: Another one? Don't you have enough friends already?

Panel 3

Steve: Well, I guess this could replace one of the friends I already have...

Panel 4

Robot Beaver: Don't do this! Don't do that! Blah blah blah I am boring!

Panel 5

Steve: Well, I think it's pretty obvious which of my friends can be replaced...
Beaver: I guess so...

Panel 6

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