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Something is different about Steve today
Link: Comic 109

Title: Corporeal Punishment

Date: September 16, 2005

Summary: Steve become non-corporeal and gets bored.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Non-corporeal octopus

Onomatopoeias used: None

"Fin" style: Written in pure energy

Number of panels: 9

Transcript========Panel 1====

Beaver: Something's different about you today Steve, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is...

Panel 2

Steve: Yes! Following a period of intense meditation I have transcended my physical form: I am now a being of pure energy

Panel 3

Beaver: Coo.

Panel 4

Beaver: So, uh, what's that like?
Steve: Pretty boring really. I just hang out with the other non-corporeal entities all day, consuming cosmic energy...that sort of thing...

Panel 5

Non-corporeal octopus: Hey Steve, a few of the guys are coming round my place later to watch TV and consume cosmic energy -- want to come along?
Steve: Uh...I guess so...

Panel 6
Panel 7

Steve: Man, this guy is so boring!
Non-corporeal octopus: (angry) You do know that I am able to sense every movement of every atom in the entire universe, right? And as such I can totally hear you.

Panel 8

Steve: Oh.

Panel 9

Non-corporeal octopus:'ll still come round for the energy consumption though...r-right?

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