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Beaver and Steve visit the Bookmonger
Link: Comic 108

Title: A turn up for the books

Date: September 12, 2005

Summary: Beaver convinces Steve to read a book, the Necronomicon.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Bookmonger

Onomatopoeias used: "SA-NORE!", "SLAMF!"

"Fin" style: Written across pages of a book

Number of panels: 8

Transcript========Panel 1====

Beaver: Check it out Steve! A book stall!

Steve: Books? Boring!

Panel 2

Beaver: You couldn't be more wrong Steve! Every book is like a doorway to another world where the only limits are those of your imagination!

Steve: SA-NORE!

Panel 3

Beaver: I mean, check out this copy of the Neconomicon. It's a grimoire of unspeakable evil -- still think books are boring?

Steve: Well...

Beaver: It's bound in human skin!

Steve: Cool! Let me see!

Panel 4

Steve: Hmm...

Panel 5
Panel 6

Bookmonger: I should have been a fishmonger...!

Panel 7

Steve: Nope: boring!

Panel 8

Beaver: They also have a copy of the new Harry Potter.

Steve: Is it bound in human skin?

Beaver: It sure is, Steve, it sure is...

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