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'woo' and 'yay' are words expressing delight on British humour website [ b3ta].

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Steve tips the guide.
Link: Comic 100

Title: Steve's unfeasible afterlife adventure - part 11

Date: August 15, 2005

Summary: Steve arrives at his destination.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, James, Guide, People

Onomatopoeias used: "TIP!"

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

James: "Hello, I'm James Turner, creator of Beaver and Steve, and I'd like to welcome you to the 100th episode extravaganza!"
Steve: "Woo"
Beaver: "Yay"

Panel 2

James: "Right, that's enough fun! Get back to work! Or do you want to spend the night in the cellar again?"

Panel 3

Guide: "We have arrived"

Panel 4

Person: "Aah!"
Person: "The suffering!"
Person: "It burns!"
Person: "This is a highly disagreeable situation!"

Panel 5

Steve: "Hmm...homely.."

Panel 6

Steve: "Well, thanks for showing me the way..."

Panel 7

Guide: "Ahem..."

Fun Facts


'woo' and 'yay' are words expressing delight on British humour website b3ta.

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