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Beaver and Steve is known for its frequent use of unusual onomatopoeias (similarly to [[Wikipedia:White Ninja|White Ninja]] and possibly some other comics).
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[[Wikipedia:Onomatopoeia|Its page on Wikipedia]] defines it as such:
[[Wikipedia:Onomatopoeia|Its page on Wikipedia]] defines it as such:

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Its page on Wikipedia defines it as such:

In rhetoric, linguistics and poetry, onomatopoeia is a figure of speech that employs a word, or occasionally, a grouping of words, that imitates, echoes, or suggests the object it is describing, such as "bang", "click", "fizz", "hush" or "buzz", or animal noises such as "moo" or "quack" or "meow".

Below here is a list of all the onomatopoeias used throughout the entire Beaver and Steve comic series. A better summary of all the onomatopoeias in this category ordered by the number of times they've been used, can be found here.

To add an onomatopoeia article to this list, put [[Category:Onomatopoeias]] at the bottom of its source code. And make sure you spell it right ;)

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