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Sound heard often in Beaver and Steve when something is smashed. It is heard on the following occasions:

  • It is heard as a large shoe CRASHes down, nearly smashing Beaver and Steve underneath in Comic 67.
  • Sound made by Rupert T. Roach while breaking a skyscraper in Comic 69.
  • Sound made by Steve while breaking a skyscraper in Comic 70.
  • Also, onomatopoeia made by Steve when he stumbles on something while playing with the Ninjas and wakes up Beaver in Comic 84.
  • Heard in Comic 96 as Steve drops a vat of bees on Beaver.
  • Sound made as Steve stomps on a tank, smahing it to bits in Comic 124.
  • Once again this sound is heard as Steve smashes a skyscraper in Comic 129.
  • The shoe-bots make this sound when they fall down in Comic 217.
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