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Beaver, from Comic 30

Beaver is the more rational and pragmatic of the pair. He is often the victim of Steve's practical jokes and is sometimes annoyed by the unfeasibility that Steve seems to generate. Because he is more level-headed and responsible than Steve, he sometimes acts as an almost parental figure. For example, Beaver has been known to cook dinner for Steve (Comic 32), forbid Steve from playing with ninjas (Comic 84), and make Steve clean up piles of rotten meat on the floor (Comic 82).

While he is usually a loyal and caring friend, there appears to be a darker side to Beaver's personality. He apparently had no qualms about allowing Steve to be beaten up by a gang of fellow beavers at the zoo and then accepting Steve's stolen wallet (Comic 26). Beaver's grief after Steve's recent death was only transitory, and he quickly replaced him with a new friend, Stu (Comic 91).

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