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This wiki was born from what a small group of people would refer to as an RHDO.

Which is short for a "Robin Hood Dummy Occurrence". It basically means "spontaneously proposing a silly idea as an exaggerated joke, but then stopping and actually considering it shortly thereafter", expressed with the expression "Hah! ......Hmmm....", accompanied with stroking one's beard*.

* - women without an odd hormonal imbalance and frequently shaving men may, under some circumstances, perform an RHDO simply by stroking their bare chin, but it shall never be as cool as the real thing.

Regarding the nomenclature, the particular "maneuvre" originated from the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" where, in one scene, a group of peasants were trained for battle under Robin's supervision and, during a practise involving attacking mounted dummies, all of the peasants managed to fail in a relatively pathetic and Danish way. Which implored one of Robin's merry men to suggest "Maybe we should just send the dummies into battle." and Robin to respond with the now-legendary "Hah! .......Hmmm...." while stroking his beard.

So, basically, the wiki was born kind of like this:

"Heh, maybe I should set up a Beaver and Steve wiki as well!"


"......Hmmmm....." *beardstroke*

In other words: if you have any problems, contact Justas via e-mail:

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